MeetingPlaceHi All GSRC team members and Customers,

Our forums, collectively called the “Meeting Place”, is now ready. To join, simply click on Meeting Place in the menu and sign up.

How will it work?

We envisage all team members and customers having a place to share information, news etc with others in their league or, in the case of the GSRC team, with each other or with the leagues they work with.

We also encourage leagues to nominate a representative who will be given rights to create news posts on our web site. This can then be shared on social media pages or even emailed to friends or others.


Security is important so initially any new user will only be granted “spectator” rights in the forums, meaning they will not be able to create topics or reply to topics. Once we have checked that a user is a valid league member we will give the user rights to create topics or replies.