2016-gsrc-all-star-invitational-bannerThe Global SimRacing Channel is excited to announce the return of the GSRC All Star Race.

Hosted by Socks Out Racing, GSRC’s “Countdown to the Green” pre-race show streams your way on Saturday, December 10th, at  18:45 GMT (13:45EST).

Drivers from each of the thirteen organizations featured on the GSRC calendar, will gather together on Monza’s combined configuration, each behind the wheel of a circa 2011 Nationwide Impala, with one hundred miles of high banked oval and twisting road course between them and twelve months’ worth of GSRC broadcast bragging rights.

Those series with a NASCAR bend, like Sock Out Racing, the Premier Racing League, the iRacing Online Championship and the We Stand United Cup Series might own home car advantage, but they won’t go unchallenged.

A plethora of organizations featuring sports cars, such as the Quality Racing Sim-dicate, Autobahn Motorcar Group, iRacing Driver Association, Champion Motorsports and DGFX are eager to show their skills.

Cars with fenders will not deter open wheel specialists from the Lionheart Racing League and Absolute Beginners League from mixing it up.

And how will the dedicated short track talents of the good ol’ boys of the Bootleg Racing League, and the mixed genre skills of the Pac Majors translate to the selected car and track?

If you’re a fan of any, many, or all of the invited organizations, or just a fan of sim racing in general, you will not want to miss the very special event that is the GSRC All Star Race.