The GSRC Teamspeak server is at

We usually don’t bother drivers when they’re on track; if we think it’d be a good idea to interview the driver while he’s on track, we’ll discuss it with the individual driver about it ahead of time.

The Racing room is for drivers actively engaged in racing. Voice chat and text chat are strongly discouraged.

The lobby is where most drivers hang out before and after the race. Voice chat is available there (drivers are free to chat amongst themselves there about any subject), and we will occasionally pop in there (usually only during pre-race) to ask a question or clarify some point. If we want to interview you live, we’ll hop in there, check with you, and then move you to the Ready For Interview room. If you don’t want to be interviewed, mute your microphone or speakers — we’ll see the mute icon and will pass you by.

Voice chat is not allowed in the Ready For Interview room. This is so that we can ensure that you’re not in the middle of talking when we move you live to the broadcast booth. You’re welcome to hang out in the Ready For Interview room; if we want to interview you, we’ll check to see that you’re not busy on track and then will send you a TeamSpeak poke to see if you’re OK with being interviewed.

One important point: please make sure your external speakers are muted so that they’re not picked up by your microphone when you talk. When that happens, it creates a horrible reverb and positive feedback loop.

Custom Team Channels

GSRC customers and league teams can rent slots on the GSRC server for their own private use.

This does NOT include using slots for broadcasting or any for-profit purpose.

GSRC charges a small fee for this service to help cover costs (we pay more than we charge) of $1.00 US per month for five slots (a slot is a connected user). Pay in advance for six months and receive a discount of $1.00. The six month fee is $5.00 US.

To purchase space, PayPal to with the desired channel name, the desired password (all channels must be password-protected), and the number of bundles of five slots you desire.