GSRC-IdentityWEB2I cannot believe that GSRC will soon be turning four years old.

I distinctly remember the day we were on Teamspeak after a CESCS race, discussing the fact that Glacier TV were no longer going to broadcast our races and feeling glum about that. I asked the question “What does it take to do a broadcast?”. No one knew the answer exactly so we decided to look into it.

I had a background in computer technology and so did Giancarlo Lenzi so we teamed up to figure out the technicalities of broadcasting. We did mega hours of testing and came up with the name, the graphics, the streaming software and all the other bits and pieces we needed.

Meanwhile we got Joe Peak on board. He had expertise in video manipulation and had a golden voice as well. Then along came Kevin Browne, with expertise in sales and marketing. We went on a hunt for commentators and found guys like Ayrton Ellis, Samuel Reiman, Dusty Peterson and Brian Corwin.

Our first customer was CESCS of course. This was followed by the Blondies MX5 World Tour and soon others came along as well.

Now, nearly four years later, GSRC is a major participant in the iRacing broadcast scene. Each year has seen us grow and we are looking to 2017 being another year of growth for us.

We say a very big thank you to our customers, our dedicated directing and commentary team and of course to you the viewers, without which we are nothing.