CustomersThe GSRC web site has been, well neglected by us for a long time. No more. We have revamped the site entirely and added some great new features.

The front page will showcase the next GSRC broadcast with a link to the YouTube scheduled race.


GSRC is all about its customers so we have added a page for each current customer. Click on a page listed in the right sidebar and you will be able to view all the current season races for that customer. We invite customers to send in short descriptions of their leagues to include in these pages


We are going to add lots of news and we feel our customers can help as well. Customers can nominate a contact person who will provide news stories about their league. We will give this person rights to post their articles directly onto the web site. In addition each customer will have a news category all of their own. Clicking on the lower menu will show all the news items for a particular customer. Post can also be added to social media via buttons in each post.


We are busy creating a discussion forum on the site. We will have a forum dedicated to each customer where they can discuss things. They will also be able to access other customer forums, allowing customers to share ideas with each other.

So please have a look around the site. Every day you will see new bits added as we continue to build the site and its contents