The Global SimRacing Channel was created with one goal in mind: To bring the best broadcast experience to the discerning sim racer.

As experienced sim racers racing in varied leagues, we each had become discouraged by the lack of consistent quality by broadcasting groups in the sim racing world, by their lack of commitment to broadcasting our races, by their unfamiliarity with our leagues and leagues’ rules, our racers and our cars, and sometimes even with the racing itself.

This spawned our quest: to create broadcasts that would meet our own high exacting standards as demanding sim racers – broadcasts that we would be proud to show off to anyone.

Quality Production Values

The step most obvious to the casual viewer is the production values in the quality of our video and audio.

GSRC commentators use standard high quality microphones from Audio Technica. We don’t use cheap USB headsets. We pride ourselves on ensuring high fidelity and consistency in sound from every one of our commentators so that it sounds as though they are in the same room even though they are in different locations around the world.

GSRC streamers have powerful PCs connected to fast Internet connections. The powerful PCs allow us to have maximum game graphics enabled and the fast Internet connections allow us to push high-bitrate videos to our streaming networks.

A Partnership with Your League

We view the leagues we work with as extensions of GSRC. When we partner with a league, their success is as important to us as our own success.

Before GSRC agrees to broadcast a league we review whether that league is a good fit with us.

We commit to our customers and our team devotes themselves to being familiar with the cars, tracks and race organization. We will be present and prepared for every race.

We even get familiar with your racers. The GSRC team gets involved in your forums, talks to your drivers, jokes with your drivers, and commiserates with them when their races go poorly.

If your league has sponsors that help make your events possible, their needs are of the utmost important to us. We understand that they can be the lifeblood of your series and when they are happy, we’re happy. We work hard to fulfill any special requirements your sponsors require so that they feel they are getting the exposure they desire with your affiliation.

The GSRC Product

What You Get

Because of GSRC’s high expectations, we offer only one service level of broadcast: our best.

  • 720p 1280×720 pixel 60fps live broadcast streamed to YouTube Live.
  • GSRC custom camera angles for every track.
  • Minimum two commentators.
  • One director responsible for streaming the race which allows the commentators to focus on commentating.
  • Fifteen minutes of pre-race introduction. Includes optional pre-race driver interviews via Teamspeak as well as a pre-made video lap guide about the challenges and features of each track.
  • Fifteen minutes of post-race wrap-up. Includes optional post-race driver interviews via Teamspeak with preference to podium finishers.
  • Your existing branding incorporated into our broadcast including any specific sponsorship needs.

The Fine Print

Races must be paid in advance fourteen days prior to broadcast.

A 10% discount is applied to ten hours or more or broadcasting. A 17.5% discount is applied to twenty or more hours of broadcasting. And a 20% discount is applied to thirty or more hours of broadcasting.