“The broadcast was absolutely sublime. The commentator synergy was definitely among the best I have heard in any esports broadcasts.”

“[I] was amazed at the high quality production value. Amazing work.”

“There are three major aspects of GSRC that stand out, technical expertise, in-booth talent, and diligence.

“We’ve all started to grow accustomed to the fine job GSRC does, we risk taking them for granted.

“Great broadcast. Probably the best commentary team I’ve heard in a simrace broadcast, loved them. I just stayed up until 3am watching it. I’ll definitely check out future broadcasts.”

“A tip of the hat to the GSRC guys for yet another great broadcast. … Among the current group of broadcasters covering iRacing races, NO one even comes close to the professionalism, attention to detail and excitement that you guys add to our races. The amount of effort you guys put into it, through obvious research and preparation is second to none, and it shows. Great camera angles, entertaining, humorous and informative commentary and very quick replay/live switches. Very professional. The best iRacing broadcast crew presently available hands down.”