What’s Included?

    • A Director (streamer).
    • Two commentators.
    • A 10-15 minute pre-race show and post-race show for each event.
    • Customized cameras for each track and car.
    • Specific graphics for your series (point standings, race details, etc…).
    • Pre-recorded, narrated lap guides (excluding Daytona and Talladega oval races).
    • All events promoted and shared on GSRC’s social media channels.
    • We’ll communicate with iRacing so that your event may be added to the iRacing Live calendar.

Events Requiring Third Commentator

For any event that we believe requires a third commentator (i.e. Multi-class race with at least 3 classes), we will add $5.00 USD to the base hourly rate for that event, and apply applicable discounts in conjunction with other requested events.

Contact Us

Ready to have GSRC cover your event? Even if you have questions, you can contact us using the web form below. Please provide as much information as you can, such as dates, race lengths, and details about the race. We will guide you through our process to purchase broadcasts, and provide you with a price quote before committing.